View Full Version : active syndicate top 750

06-16-2015, 01:23 AM
16 active accounts looking for more players

sundicate code 286353221

Our bonuses
Fight respeck payout +45%
Jobs Payout +20%
Car attack +5%
Car defence +50%MAX
Building Output +50%MAX
Melee attack +15%
Melee defence +50%MAX
Gun attack +5%
Gun defence +50%MAX
Armor attack +20%
Armor defence +50%MAX
Explosive attack +10%
Explosive defence +30%
Building defence +50%MAX
Hideout Health +20%
Hideout damage +10%
Syndicate member increase +6
looking for active members that will become stronger with us
invite code 286 353 221
we don't looking for merges

we finish all missions on SA