View Full Version : IOs Touch Family Guild Underdogs

Franz Wagner
06-16-2015, 09:22 AM
Attention Knight on IOs!

Underdogs, one of KnD's oldest guilds is recruiting again.
Guild Level: maxed
Bonuses: maxed
Required Lvl: 80+ (with a 2 heroic modes limit to get to Lvl 100)
Alliance/Family: Touch Family
Line Chat App: Yes, must have
Pushes: Yes, within Family all kinds from T1 to T100
Free To Play: Yes, except we push
Subguild: Warlords (also Lv75, all maxed)
Free spots: 5 open spots, another five to replace with more active players

We offer help in all kind of questions, a great, experienced, multicultural community through all kinds of ages. All we ask for is activity. Enjoy the game amd the community, but real life always comes first. So if you're interested let me know:
Add me via LineID: kndxabi
Looking forward to get to know you all!