View Full Version : [Android] The New Order still looking for players!!!

Douglas Hunt
06-16-2015, 02:41 PM
Hi yall! TNO is still in search of new members! We have a few that have applied, but are still in search of more! HC Positions availible and up for grabs! The requirements are as follows:

1) Must Have Line App (Kik can be used to contact me but line is needed).

2) Must be a level 30 player at least (We have reduced our min from 50 to 30).

3)Must not have any problems with the 3D allience.

Contact me by replying to this post, or messaging me on line (My LINE ID is kndguy99 search that and the name Maxis X will appear) or, as mentioned above, on kik (My Kik ID is MaxisXKnD, search that and the name Mr Brave frontier will show up). Hope to meet new members! We have also be fun to do guild wars again!