View Full Version : SgtBobs Arms is Recruiting!

Charlie Land
06-20-2015, 01:11 AM
I would like to try and promote my faction in which I inherited from my uncle.
This faction is well developed and has had a lot of time and money spent on it.

Right now I need some help on the faction wars, and I thought it would be nice to let more people in, as only 2 people are currently in the faction (2/30)
I don't know stats etc but the vault has over 100,000,000 and 690 Bricks.

This would be the faction for you. I am also going to set up a chat box for all the faction.
Joining SgtBobs Army is the right decision for you. You will be well funded and supported.
Please feel free to join. It is set to open.

Here is the code to get you through *438046982*

And if you need another alliance *958290922*