View Full Version : Critical hits, failed strike rates

07-19-2015, 10:58 AM
I guess the whiners about my comments should have noted by now that I have always defended the existence of crits and failed strikes to add some additional 'excitement' to an otherwise dull game routine. SO FAR.

However, it seems to me that especially failed strikes against players have been increased since some time now. The ones in the guild having good armor feel their expensive armors are meaningless to have if they can make only 600-1500 points against a weaker opponent only because they 'miss' for 2-4 of 6 times! OTOH, the few in our guild who are quite easy to spend gems to achieve more points when an opportunity arises have all - without exception - aired strong feelings of anger regarding those missed strikes. It feels like being punished for spending by Gree, if 2 or 3 of the additional purchased energies are wasted due to failed strikes!

I aGREE, this 'strategy' might work out for the big spenders, who regardless of the stupidity of some things in the game spend and spend and spend without limits or second thoughts. They will probably not even notice, and move on to 'refill energy' as long as they made the points they 'need'.

The 'average' player however, WILL get second thoughts about spending if he feels that a) there's a system just brought into place to push him to spend more without any actual 'need' and b) half of this spending is meaningless anyway because only half of the energy bought can usually be used. You feel robbed by Gree having superior armor than an opponent and getting killed for 2 times just because of these 'failed strikes' and then another time by a 'critical hit', leaving you with just 1 energy resulting in points.

So here we have another example of Gree of turning away players from enjoying the game and, at the end of the day, spending: increase a random factor to an extent out of greed that will raise anger rather than joy while playing this game.

So, having let that steam off my chest (no one at Gree cares anyway), I'm returning to something that's fun. A 3 day war with ridiculous rewards for a T250..500 guild doesn't belong to these things, but I'm just forwarding what I heard from the 'grass-roots'.