View Full Version : Desperate Measures rewards

07-30-2015, 06:52 PM
Speed Normal :Furious Seeker 45,9m/51,8m +1 sea attack (very easy to do gold free)

Prestige:Furious Destroya 57,4m/48,9m +3% sea attack
Speed Prestige: Furious Enigma 73,3m/73,3m +2% ground defense

Master: ?????
Speed master:Furious Prowler 124,7m/119,8m +4% air defense

Wrapper(normal,prestige,master) :Furious Specialist 143,5m/122,2m +7% infantry attack

Energy packs: Normal 9/10, Prestige 4/10, Master 8/15

notes prestige only 10 levels and master 15 levels