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08-04-2015, 07:45 PM
The title says it all.
So, let's help THE GREE by giving them THREE things you like about MW.
Then give them THREE things you dislike about MW.
Then offer them THREE ideas to improve MW.
The new prime minister supplied to us by THE GREE, will perhaps use your ideas to make MW better.

I like bosses similar to the one we saw in March.
I like like the way MW performs on Android.
I the responsiveness of THE GREE customer service, lately.

I dislike ALL ILTQ events.
I dislike the way MW performs on iOS, and that next goal delay.
I dislike WD "battles" being 60 minutes long.

All WD "battles" should sat no more tHan 15 minutes and comprised of six teams, not just two. That will eliminate the regen and level WD battles requiring more gold to be bought and used.

All Frontline "battles" should be limited to 15 minutes and comprised of eight teams.

Gold prices should be by 70%. Dew that, people will buy more, not less gold!

Allow teams to SURRENDER during WD or FL for a FEE.

The Pharoah
08-05-2015, 08:01 AM
This is a really good idea. I shall support it.

1) Current experimentation with the LTQs, varying duration, rewards, energy requirements etc.
2) Current availability of videos-for-gold on Android. Keep it up. Well done that man.
3) Recent LT buildings are looking good. I like it when you demonstrate some pride in your work.

1) Too many damn LTQs. Why bother finishing one just to go straight into another? What kind of logic is that?
2) Raid Boss. Too hard. Fix it!
3) Stop dropping 50 NPCs into the same damn map. There are a ton of maps, use them!

1) New Defence buildings and some new decorations would be nice. Maybe we could have roads/pavement sections. I'm big on decorations.
2) To fix problems with filling factions, give an option to close a faction and share out the money.
3) Look at shortening the timespan on vault and base expansions. It's getting old.