View Full Version : Disciples of Grim (iOS) recruiting

08-05-2015, 09:08 AM
You: A determined, enthusiastic K+D player looking for an active guild full of ambitious knights just like

you for wars, raids, and an all around butt-kicking good time. You eat war and raid minimums for

breakfast. You've worked your fingers to the bone to level your knight up to 100+ and you want to show

your fellow guildmates the sweet new armor you just crafted. Maybe you don't have very many gems,

or maybe you have a ton of gems burning a hole in your armor and you're just looking for a Raid Boss to

throw them at. You want to make a name for yourself, become a thing of legend, a song for the ages

known to every bard in the realm. Or, you know, maybe just get a promotion. Promotions are cool, too.

Us: Disciples of Grim, an active guild full of, well, ambitious knights just like you (who happen to like

warring, raiding, and having an all around butt-kicking good time). We have minimum point requirements

for every raid and war but they're no big deal for active members, you'll hit those easily, no doubt. We

have no gem requirement, though we don't discourage the use of gems because gems = points and

points = awesome. We promote based on performance and after you've done a couple of wars and raids

with us we can help you find your way into a t50, t25 or t10 push, if that sorta thing floats your boat (and if you

have the gems for it, pushes ain't cheap).

Some other info that might be of interest:

We're a level 75 guild with maxed Bonuses.

We're a member of the RiP family.

You have to have the LINE app to be a Disciples of Grim member. We do all of our war coordinating on

LINE so it's sort of (absolutely) a non-negotiable deal. You can contact our recruiters on LINE ( LINE IDs are

dogchris or koljak) and he'll be happy to answer any questions about Disciples of Grim that weren't covered here.

We've finished in the top 100 consistently in wars and raids and we get a little stronger every week.

We'd like to continue our climb to the top but we could really use your help! C'mon and join us, why

don't you?