View Full Version : Bloomberg reveals how THEY DEW IT.

08-17-2015, 03:03 AM
Bloomberg allows us mortals to peek under the covers and some extremely interesting things are revealed. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-08-16/revealed-secret-strategies-of-the-world-s-most-lucrative-apps

08-17-2015, 04:50 AM
MW failed miserably at this "The challenge is keeping free-to-play from degenerating into pay-to-win", long long time ago :)

Agent Orange
08-17-2015, 04:54 AM
Or in grees case how they don't....

“It’s bit like running a bar,” said Watabe, head of the company’s so-called live ops. “You’re always on, hustling to get the customers in and to keep them happy. Otherwise you have no business.”

The Pharoah
08-17-2015, 05:50 AM
email it to Gree. I think they could really use that info.