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09-11-2015, 01:18 PM
I think this is more wishful thinking, but I would like to see twists to wars.

1) having wars where your character can no longer fight during that individual fight if its +/- reaches -100 (i.e. loses 100 more fights than he wins). this would not affect lower level game play but would make the high end interesting (could also eliminate farming stripped player)

2) Making brackets. winner moves on to the next round and loser moves down to a consolidation prize. this would make points arbitrary, but as the war goes gets harder and harder.

anyone else have a realistic twist that would be fun and fill grees coffers

3) have a blitz war but where extra energy can not be bought. (this is not good for gree, but I am curious to see how it would pan out).

09-13-2015, 01:51 AM
1. Wars without overkilling ('endlessly' killing already defeated opponents) and gemming up would definitely feel more interesting. In my guild, we have been losing interest in those endless war events: they are taking way too long (3 days is ridiculous, 1 would be enough!), take too much constant attention (especially for GM's, Champ and Sent to avoid being 'farmed' for points) and after all, all that effort is not really rewarding (what do I need a Northerner's for?).

2. The number of misses and crits is really annoying. Many of my guild members, including myself, don't refill energy anymore, because mostly, you will lose at least 1 or 2 battles because of the missed strikes (= waste of money), and reward-wise, for a T500 guild it doesn't make any difference whether we'd get an outdated epic or epic+ anyway. lol

3. GM's should have a checkbox whether or not they are willing to strip, and - very important! - a declaring guild looking for strippers should have an option to choose the sex of those strippers. It feels kinda awkward, if not slightly embarrassing for me as a heterosexual to receive stripping offers from GM's who are clearly male.

SBBL Indigo
09-14-2015, 03:52 AM
They did a similar thing before. Points reduced the more you farmed the player. It sucked.

09-15-2015, 12:28 AM
Im puzzled as to why a t500 guild should get a good epic(+) ... t50 is effort t500 is a lot less than free to play on good activity.

I understand crits and misses can be frustrating. Same hate for them here.

And i dont like diminishing points. We dont usually strip but I like to farm a gm whos dressed the most. Would make no sense to take that away

09-15-2015, 08:24 AM
I understand crits and misses can be frustrating. Same hate for them here.

Since people most of the time do their special attack the moment it's up, removing crits and misses would mean they could effectively add a "skip fight" button, since it would just be an animation being played back. (gets done by plenty games; non-interactive fights, calculated completely on the server is 1 less attack vector for cheaters/hackers...)

And i dont like diminishing points. We dont usually strip but I like to farm a gm whos dressed the most. Would make no sense to take that away
Well, a dressed AFK GM is effectively kind of a stream of level 1 or 2 raid bosses. Personally, I might have kept interest in wars a bit longer if it wasn't so everybody repeatedly bash the same. For ex. get a nice bonus each time the whole oposing guild is flagged as "killed", then reset that flag again (kind of like you get a big bonus for killing a level 6 raid boss, even though a level 3 would be better for individual score), which would require you to strategise with guild mates to get the best points for the guild.
(Back before I was semi-retired, most of the time the Line group was only really active for the first maybe 5 minutes of a battle and then silent for the remaining 55 minutes, unless someone dropped in late and asked who to hit...)

09-15-2015, 03:45 PM
Marco, good points.

I always argued FOR crits/misses, it just seems the ratio has been increased lately - certainly, to squeeze a few extra gems out of those junkeys- but it goes a bit beyond being acceptable now, having entered the 'seriously annoying' area. As said, in my guild a few guys rarely buy extra energy anymore, as they usually get 'punished' for it losing at least 1-2 of the extra battles they purchased.

Regarding the AFK GM 'deadbeatings': right on the spot. It's nothing but tiresome, and same observations here about the Line chats (3-5 minutes of excitement and activity, then basically waiting till the end). Wars are boring that way. I can understand that the win buyers would not be happy about reducing points with every followup hit or another change in system, but something has to be done to make this particular part of the game more fun again.
In my (independent) guild, there was a short span of excitement when Milestones were introduced - by now, almost everyone has 'purchased' or earned the jewelry he desired and worth some effort, and we're back to boredom, anger and frustration again. We're still fighting in wars, but neither the rewards nor the milestones are worth effectively 3 (!) days of constant attention (to avoid said overkilling) for the ranked commanders, or starting the game more often than usual by the others (unless, of course, a guild is 'running' and aims to buy a position). Just my 2c.

09-16-2015, 12:06 AM
You can acquire a decent position without gemming if the guilds is full and you play active

I don't see why i should be punished for being able to farm most gms, afk or not. Stripping should be fixed, not having good armors.

We have a blast during wars because we play smart (50% end in won frenzies) and take a high rank without aiming for strips. Yes some do gem but most of that is saved up as you can get 150-200 gems per week by playing very active.

Point is... its not all grees fault a lot comes down to what you make of it. And beating gms shouldnt give less points. Diminishing points also work in favour of the scared weak gms that use fusion boosts as their war armor.

09-16-2015, 03:53 AM
Point is... its not all grees fault a lot comes down to what you make of it.
It IS all Gree's fault. Their war win conditions have been all horrible from the start.
Let's take for ex. football (probably applies to both types...) and change season win conditions from wins, then goal difference, then total goals(?) to first total goals, then goal difference, then wins. Fans would probably scream in horror at what the game would then become... (efficient play would then probably be to play just goals-denying against strong teams (just making sure no players get injured, no yellow/red cards etc.) and save your best team to overwhelmingly squash the weak teams)

With so few knobs to turn, anything but efficient play is people building games around the game and then the question becomes: why use this particular game (KnD) to build your own virtual game around?
I kind of see trying to make anything interesting out of guild war by players as them trying to come up with for ex. a game like Yahtzee while having D4 dice instead of D6 dice to work with. (at least with raids Gree didn't pretend there to be any relevance to the hours anymore (raids also leave less wiggle room to play your own games around the game; mostly just the guild points vs milestone points decission.))