View Full Version : Island Infiltration - Walk Through?

09-25-2015, 06:38 PM
Just wondering if it's worth trying to finish either the Master, Prestige or Ultimate Levels.

09-25-2015, 09:06 PM
This is the way I do it: hit ultimate with its bonuses until you get stuck. Then do the menial task to get it unstuck and continue ultimate at you regen rate. Given how there is a high likelihood of exponential energy requirements, chasing a big prize is a gambling event. Unfortunately I probably don't have the exact prizes/bonuses to detail to make it worth your while. Sorry. But bonuses stick even when the prize stats are obsolete from inflation. I still rock a single deadly bridge jumper and falcon supersonic with actual health and energy regen bonuses.

I miss the Danimal/Larry Jackson walkthroughs, but that was an ungodly burden to bear.

Maybe a play at your comfort level, but it is designed to separate you from your resources. Have fun!