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Vile Lynn
10-21-2015, 03:57 PM

Witching Hour

• 10.10-10.15... Bolognese Beatdown - LTQ

• 10.14-10.19... Don Dario - new RB

• 10.15-10.19... Shadowy Shake Down - LTQ

• 10.15-10.22... Binary Bin - LB Box

• 10.19-10.24... Grimm Tidings - ultimate LTQ

• 10.22-10.26... Zombie Crossing - 4-Day SA

• 10.22-10.29... Poltergeist Pie - LB Box 25

LB with Collect 11 Units Goal & Ultimate: Collect Pie Goals

• 10.24-10.28... Ghoulish Grudge - LTQ w/ Speed Goals

Not on MP...
• 10.26-10.29... Trio of Terror - Unique 3-Day EB

• 10.28-11.02... Spooky Spat - LTQ with Ultimate Goals

Not on MP...
• 10.29-10.30... ?? - 23hr RB

• 10.29-11.05... Candied Skulls - Box25 w/ Collect Skulls Goals

• 10.30-11.01... Witching Hour - 2-Day War.1

Maintenance scheduled shutdown (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?118996-Daylight-Savings-Time-Maintenance-11-1-2015)at Midnight PDT on 10.31


These events will probably be on the next MP... or not.
• 11.01-11.03... Coffin Counting - 2-day War.2

• 11.02-11.06... Jolly 5 (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?119061-EB-Health-almost-impossible-to-finish) - 4-day EB, Type 2

• 11.02-11.06... Overclock Fury - LTQ with Speed Goals

Lots of bricks. High energy costs & high XP gains!

• 11.05-11.09... Mainframe Menace III - SA

• 11.05-11.12... Boot Disk - LB Box 25

with Mecha Crate & Boot Disk Goals

• 11.05-11.11... Attack on Analog (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?119112-Normal-ltq-energy#post1543036) - LTQ w/ Ultimate Goals!

Thanks for posting LTQ info, Greeny1!

• 11.09-11.14... Olivia O's Vengence - New RB!

Globe finally up, new MP started here. (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?119156-Master-Plan-SHORT-CIRCUIT-STREET)


Current events are in bold.
MP = Master Plan, AKA The Globe
LB = Leader Board
LTQ = Limited Time Quest
EB = Epic Boss
RB = Raid Boss
SA = Street Assault
?? = who knows?

All events are scheduled to begin at 3PM PDT and end at 2PM PDT. (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?116511-Events-start-and-end-time-change)
Announcement is locked, some topic discussion is here (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?116523-Event-start-times-euros-shafted).

Epic Boss (EB) Types:

Type 1 = all 2hr bosses (retired??)

Type 2 = increasing kill times, timer resets at L34 & L67

Limited Time Building (LTB): Pumpkin Pie Bakery

LTB Goal: Born and Bread, ends 11.25.
All building info can be found here. (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?102804-LTB-Sheet-All-Buildings!!!) Thanks BrisingrBoss!

Scared Stiff Special Event (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?118659-Scared-Stiff-Special-Event) general discussion thread.

Greeting Empire Citizens, Today we'll be kicking off our special October Halloween Event! Over the next couple weeks you will be able to collect special Scared Stiff Pumpkin Tokens in addition to normal prizing while participating in events. Collect enough tokens and you will be rewarded with a series of prizes along the way leading up to Halloween!

The kickoff event will start with the Black-Market Cargo Leaderboard event. We will update here with following events that will also offer Scared Stiff Pumpkin Tokens, so check back here for updates!Scared Stiff Special Event (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?118658-Scared-Stiff-Special-Event-is-Here!) locked stickey. Check stickey for more info.

---old notes---
New update for iPhone6s Plus released 09.28.

Read this (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?118385-How-To-Upgrading-to-the-iPhone-6s-or-6s-plus-Read-This-First!) and this. (http://forums.gree.net/showthread.php?118447-iPhone-6S-Plus-Heads-Up!)

Forced update on 08.28.
iOS9 update on 09.16, CC update for iOS9 on 09.22.

New "Lukcy" Scratchers began on 09.01.

...ended on 09.02.
Scratchers were back! 10.02. And gone again 10.07. (?) Lukcy has been corrected to Lucky.
^^Update: Back again on 11.01!! And gone on 11.05?? smh

Everything is subject to change without notice or reason.
Nothing above is official. All info can be found in game.

10-21-2015, 05:48 PM
Zombie Crossing looks like SA.....and Polyergeist Pie - box event.....

Vile Lynn
10-21-2015, 05:53 PM
Zombie Crossing looks like SA.....and Polyergeist Pie - box event.....

You're probably right. :)

Vile Lynn
10-28-2015, 04:51 PM
Heads up! This weekend's war will probably end right before the scheduled Time Change Maintenance that begins at midnight in GREEland.

Hopefully we'll get more info, but we'll find out soon enough anyway.

I'll probably be too busy having fun on Halloween to care or notice. ;)

I hope everybody has a safe & awesome Halloween!

10-29-2015, 07:38 AM
I'm dressing up as zander hicks for trick or treating.

Vile Lynn
11-03-2015, 04:29 PM
Nobody panic! The Globe is missing!

In other news, Dipstik was super cute as Zander Hicks for Trick or Treating! Whatta treat! ;)

MK Loves You
11-03-2015, 05:42 PM
I'm not sure if you noticed but the scratches are now limited time events. Way too screw up something else gree! This is becoming an art.

11-03-2015, 09:27 PM
SA packages up for sale....so guess we all know what's coming next.....or do we ??

11-04-2015, 04:24 AM
SA packages up for sale....so guess we all know what's coming next.....or do we ??


11-04-2015, 04:54 AM
I think it's safe to say at this point, the plan is there is no plan.

11-04-2015, 04:54 AM
Nice background for this new Epic Boss.


Vile Lynn
11-04-2015, 01:06 PM
SA packages up for sale....so guess we all know what's coming next.....or do we ??

Bet you're right again!

11-05-2015, 12:34 AM
Or am I ?? :confused::D

Vile Lynn
11-05-2015, 04:07 PM
Or am I ?? :confused::D

You are spot on accurate! ;)