View Full Version : European Assassins 2 maxed out syn, is looking for active players, everybodys officer

10-28-2015, 02:30 AM
European Assassins has a second syn for active players not meeting the reqs for our first syn!
When you prove to be a daily active player and when your stats are 2b+ you will be invited into our main syndicate (Top 75-125)


Everybody is officer here!

No minimum requirements on stats, only requirement is activity !!!

You can join our Groupme room at Groupme Recruiting Room (https://groupme.com/join_group/11398427/rZNTJC)

Syndicate Bonusses fully maxed out

Armor Attack 50%
Armor Defense 50%
Building Defense 50%
Building Output 50%
Car Attack 50%
Car Defense 50%
Explosive Attack 50%
Explosive Defense 50%
Fight Respect Payout 50%
Gun Attack 50%
Gun Defense 50%
Hideout Damage 50%
Hideout Health 50%
Influence Increase 50%
Jobs Payout 50%
Melee Attack 50%
Melee Defense 50%