View Full Version : with mw being down for maintenance

11-01-2015, 01:20 AM
Supposedly 3(read as many as they like) hours how do gree intend to compensate the players?
After all the American Australian and other southern hemisphere players have had the game all night, whilst us in europ have maybe had 2 battles to be involved in.
Will gree extend the event by however long the server has been down or will the do the usual and screw the none gold using players as normal?

Sheldor Sir
11-01-2015, 01:35 AM
not holding my breath, managed 2 wins last night before zzzz woke up 0630 UK tried to declare couldn't :-( so IF game comes back at 1030 as planned will have less than 10 hrs to finish daily goal so no regen time between, no chance without lot of gold.
basically my WD over as only small faction so rank out

Sheldor Sir
11-01-2015, 02:28 AM
weird my lad just download MW from App Store an is playing !! but I get game down message