View Full Version : Top 75/100 gold optional syndicate looking for small merger or a few new players!

11-02-2015, 04:32 AM
Top 75/100 Gold optional Team Looking for a few new players OR open to small merge!

We have a few open seats for the sole reason people have found the game too time consuming and retired; we have a tight crew and not a syndicate with a revolving door of players for that reason! We are very easy going and just ask for activity and communication; but realize real life comes first.
We expect activity, but wont kick a player if they are away for a weekend as long as they communicate that they are away! We truly are drama free.

About us:
FULLY LOADED syndicate with bonuses; all maxed out.
WE have finished RB easy, normal and majority of elite - focusing after on rank.
We finish all days of EB for the daily syndicate prizes
We have finished in the top 30-75 of past few SA events
We have finished top 75/100 in recent battles
We use LINE for communication.

We are fully maxed, but do require a once a week donation of 10x iph to build the bank for future bonuses.

Gold is 100% optional: we like to do well based on activity rather than dropping huge amounts of money! Some of us DO use gold, but it's entirely up to you.

What we ask of you?
[B]We require 35-40K min in battles
10m points MIN in SA events depending on length
200 uzi for RB per account
Bricks as able.
Daily kills in EB - every player is expected to help DAILY.
Activity in ALL EVENTS. We will not tolerate campers.

YOUR STATS: Your stats need to be strong enough to compete in top 75/100 (often matching top 50 teams); while activity is most important, if you are not a match stat wise (Ie Lvl 250 with 1b stats) this probably isn't the best match, but again it all can be discussed.. We are open to taking minis in ONLY if they are coming with their main!!

We are asking a MIN of 3B defense if you are over lvl 230. We will also NOT take anyone in under 2B attack stats due to lack of targets in battle.

If this sounds like something you would like, as I am not in this forum daily, Contact me at my line ID: 298651006