View Full Version : Calling all retiring players

11-08-2015, 09:27 AM
If anyone is looking to retire or just wants to camp for a while feel free to join our faction Allied Forces of America. Bonuses are maxed and so donations are not required except for concrete or folders as and when you can

I retired a while back from a Top 75/50 and just decided to help out a low level faction max their bonuses, gain some other bonuses they would never have otherwise got and give them some tips and much needed strength. The leader recently left, so my other half and I have just taken over.

The only chat is in game although I still have Groupme and participation requirements are really minimal. If I could get these guys to top 500 they would be ecstatic, so any help u could provide through minimal participation would be appreciated. No stress or hassle guaranteed.

Apply now 954635473 Thanks.