View Full Version : The Global Banger Family is recruiting

11-10-2015, 11:08 AM
We are a T50 crew that normally ranks between 30-45. Our requirements are easy, 35k for war, 12m for SA, 200 Uzies for Raid Boss, kill 5 Epic Bosses each during syndicate event and donate 4 X IPH once every 21 days before war.

Easy going, gold spending not required, just make mins or better. We have an equal presence on both sides of the globe allowing round the clock participation. Groupme is required, however our German family also uses Line. No drama and great team environment.

Syndicate ID: 713 730 677

Contact us below and plan on a great time.

Click here to join our interview room, https://groupme.com/join_group/15131347/fIvTE4 (https://groupme.com/join_group/15131347/fIvTE4https://groupme.com/join_group/15131347/fIvTE4)