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[PM] Dredd
11-16-2015, 03:04 PM
Special: November Crates are now available!

Check the store for the new MiliCorp Crates featuring units with bonuses to Triple Strike, Double Strike and MORE!

Please note: This month's crate is jam packed with items. The in game UI will only show three items from each category but there are a total of 25 different items available in this crate!


1x Double Strike Token
MiliCorp King Crab
MiliCorp Marksmen-ii
MiliCorp Major
MiliCorp Hammer Head
MiliCorp Sun-Master
MiliCorp Goblin
MiliCorp War Priest
1x Health
1x Frontline Main Carrier


MiliCorp Guerilla
MiliCorp Red Witch
MiliCorp Aquila
MiliCorp Fury
MiliCorp Despolier
MiliCorp Copperfin
MiliCorp Sun Hydra
MiliCorp Warpig
MiliCorp Albatross
MiliCorp Sun-Spur


MiliCorp Gull-Bringer
MiliCorp Sky-Monarch
MiliCorp Longsword
MiliCorp Centipede
MiliCorp Warrior