View Full Version : European Assassins, top100, dockbot using syn, is looking for a few active players!!

11-17-2015, 02:05 PM
European Assassins is now looking for a few more new active strong players!

Active players only!
Currently 58/60 members and fully maxed out with syndicate bonusses.

Please enter our Groupme Recruiting Room (https://groupme.com/join_group/11398427/rZNTJC)

We use an intel bot, Dockbot, in wars and other events, to maximize everybody's points!

We usually complete SA Perfect Elite and most/all Epic Boss and all SLTQ and some Raid Boss syndicate goals.

Minimum Requirements
- Min. att & def stats 2 billion
- Min. iph 10m
- Daily active
- Communication
- Active usage of Groupme/Dockbot during syndicate events
- War: 8-10k per day
- Street Assault: 2.5m per day
- Epic Boss: 5+ bosses a day
- Raid Boss: 50+ billion points
- Have 100m ready in bank for buying weapons in SA

(if you do not meet these requirements (yet), you can join our second syndicate EU2 688-113-853)

Syndicate Bonusses fully maxed out

Armor Attack 50%
Armor Defense 50%
Building Defense 50%
Building Output 50%
Car Attack 50%
Car Defense 50%
Explosive Attack 50%
Explosive Defense 50%
Fight Respect Payout 50%
Gun Attack 50%
Gun Defense 50%
Hideout Damage 50%
Hideout Health 50%
Influence Increase 50%
Jobs Payout 50%
Melee Attack 50%
Melee Defense 50%

11-23-2015, 03:24 PM
Rank 114 last SA, come reinforce us!