View Full Version : t20/30 AAE recruiting (45k ip, low mins)

11-26-2015, 06:12 AM
T20/30 An Assassins Evolution are recruiting. We are looking for people who can exceed mins (push). Light to moderate gold users are okay - heavy are always welcome We have a strong team and strong officer/leadership core. We are a family and everyone does their share. We work together. We do NOT tolerate drama. We use Line and our chat is adult oriented, so you MUST BE 18+ in order to join.

In past events, we have ranked t5 in sa, t10 in war, but we are at20/30 syn w/ that potential.

Our mins are:

45k (3 day war)
13m - 15m (3/4 day SA)
Maxed Out syn
No brick min
No donations
300-500 uzis for rb

If AAE interests you, plz hit me up on Line at: jack-bauer24

Thx and hope to hear from you.

Happy Thanksgiving!!