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11-26-2015, 07:56 AM
~Join DARQ!~

You have found the guild you are looking for! The DARQ Guild actively runs 3 main guilds. DARQ ops for advanced players, DARQ Soldiers for intermediate players, and DARQ Braves for the beginners. We also have three maxed guilds that are at the ready! Once we expand we plan to open these. To open we will need HC, GC, GS, and even GM! That could be you!!! We welcome players from all skill levels to join us! We are consistently in T50! We have access to allow you to push T10/T25 ANY WEEK YOU WANT! We currently house over 60 active members looking to help each other grow! We are a guild looking to have fun and make friends. Weekly minimums are given each week and gemming is rarely a requirement. Promotions within the guild are always available and players are always moving up. ALL GUILDS ARE LEVEL 75!!! ALL GUILDS have fully maxed elemental bonuses to allow you to have the best stats possible!

We have scored as high as 1st place in previous wars and we plan to continue to do that!

Msg me on Line and I'll get you started!

LINE ID: brandonman96

If you msg me on here I will get back to you within 24 hours, HOWEVER, Line is preferred!*