View Full Version : Outlaws Syndicate looking for players

11-27-2015, 01:05 AM
Outlaws Syndicate looking for players

We are a very relaxed and non-demanding syndicate looking for active player who just enjoy playing Crime City. We use GroupMe to communicate and have our own Facebook page, both are NOT mandatory. Messages are also posted on our in-game syndicate forum. Our invite code is: 149597775

We are a consistent top 450 syndicate. Of our 44 current members 37 were active last event.

So far we have 148 bonuses. We offer:
Building Output: +55%
Job Payout: +50%
Melee Defense: +50%
Melee Attack: +45%
Building Defense: +50%
Respect Increase: +50%
Car Defense: +50%
Car Attack: +15%
Gun Defense: +50%
Gun Attack: +15%
Armor Defense: +50%
Armor Attack: +50%
Explosive Defense: +50%
Explosive Attack: +20%
Hideout Health: +45%
Hideout Damage: +20%
Influence Increase: +15%

Our syndicate base upgraded to stage 1 with an additional +5% more cash from buildings.