View Full Version : Old timers and newbies welcome

12-07-2015, 12:39 AM
Join *660* we have played 4 many faction both good and bad but 1 thing has remained the same throughout... Spending more and more cold harsh cash. We left a top 50 faction 2 try and pay back some insight we have learnt over the years and help newbies or other long term players start 2 enjoy the game again No hard sell No hard targets playing 4 fun nofing else any lvl any stats just play daily at least once and groupme needed 4 fun, were help u where we can, the post below is our normal ingame recruiting post.
NO GOLD, NO crazy commitments, Genuine time 2 work and build ur account up were relaxed but experienced now putting fun back in2 the game just apply 137-368-085