View Full Version : SA Syn Goals

12-12-2015, 09:26 AM
Making a list of what it takes to complete the SA syn goals and the prizes. Add if you have the rest

1/15- 30k pts/ x4 Assault Batters
2/15- 60k pts/ x2 Assault Bruisers
3/15- 120k pts/ x2 Assault Choppers
4/15- 600k pts/ x1 Assault Demon
5/15- 1.2m pts/ x4 Assault Batters
6/16- 2.4m pts/ x2 Assault Bruisers
7/15- 5.4m pts/ x2 Assault Choppers
8/15- 9m pts/ x1 Assault Demon
9/15- 21m pts/ x2 Assault Bruisers
10/15- 36m pts/ x3 Assault Bruisers
11/15- 48m
12/15- 64m
13/15- 88m/ x2 Assault Demons
15/15- 120m pts/ Bayou Outlawed Shooter 3.2m/3.3m

1/4- Win 1 node/ x8 Assault Bruisers
2/4- Win 2 nodes/ x3 Assault Choppers
3/4- Win 3 nodes/ x1 Assault Demon
4/4- Win 4 nodes/ Bayou Bear Trap 2.4m/2.6m