View Full Version : Vikings For Life looking for new Oarsmen! 681 056 859

12-16-2015, 11:24 AM
Like the smell of burnt out buildings, spilled blood and the enemies fear:D So do we!
I'll cut to the chase. We're a well established group and have been as high as the top 150, lately we have slipped and some of our members have either moved on been given the heave Ho!Last event we finished 208 :(

We don't do drama, we don't ask for gold, we don't ask for 24/7 labour

WE DO Ask to keep it respectful (most of us are older then dirt)
WE DO Ask you have Group Me as we like to communicate and like plans
We Do expect daily participation but allow for family commitments (seriously family 1st!)
WE DO expect you to have fun (Better have fun or whats the Point right!)

Our Group is made up of Europeans and North Americans who actually get along together! Yes that's right the Americans are over the loss of the War of 1812, The Danes drink English beer and the one English guy we have, well he's OK!

So if you're up to it drop me a line 142 719 961
our Faction No is 681 056 859

If you can't Swim but are willing to fight Don't worry about it... Tell them "The Captain" sent ya ;)