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01-01-2016, 01:24 PM
hi my kids want a tablet and I'm thinking of buying a droid

im iOS and have a few accounts already

im wanting to play mw on droid and watch free gold videos

if i link my iOS and droid can i still watch free gold videos on the droid that will accumulate gold on my iOS accounts???

and then can i play my iOS accounts on my iOS???
as the kids will no doubt embargo me from their tablet!!

thx for advice

01-01-2016, 03:58 PM
I think you can do that but if I remember correctly if I did that then I did not get videos available on my actual Android account. In other words - could not watch videos on both accounts and collect

01-01-2016, 04:02 PM
You can watch videos for any account. However, the daily limit is spread across all of them. So once you hit it on one, you can't get them on the others.

01-01-2016, 04:30 PM
Well since ios cant watch videos at all a limit across devices isnt very limiting

Agent Orange
01-02-2016, 01:20 PM
Things to consider about droid,

-You can't buy walls, you get a server error.
-Your newsfeed is blank even though you have been attacked or raided.
-Even if your newsfeed worked you have to dig for it.
-Seems to me there is a screw up in Raid Boss.
-Missions when completed do properly drop cash unlike IOS.
-If you have linked accounts and use a higher level account it unlocks higher level maps for all linked acttounts even if they are not allowed access.
-you will need a minimum of a quad core cpu and 1gb of system heap, not to be confused with total memory as the greeniuses keep pushing updates that break on tablets with 512mb.

Otherwise droid is ok I'm using a few Asus quad cores which we picked up for around $60.

Long dong silver
01-03-2016, 03:24 AM
AO, empty ur private inbox please.

Agent Orange
01-04-2016, 07:15 PM
Ok, nuked a couple