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Captain Torgue
01-06-2016, 04:38 PM
Get (expletive removed)

01-06-2016, 04:39 PM
You are violating several forum rules here. I highly recommend you alter your post or you can expect a moderator to take action against you.

01-06-2016, 04:43 PM
a) stop copying keapa with the dear gree thread

b) i think you made a spelling mistake. please use correct spelling on this forum.

01-06-2016, 06:11 PM
TMI is correct.

01-06-2016, 06:24 PM
Go look at a silver dollar from the 20s. A V is an acceptable spelling in archaic english. Grammar nazi approves.

01-06-2016, 06:31 PM
Let me be more clear:

Flaming: Flaming is a hostile, insulting, or intimidating interaction between internet users. Responding to a flame message is discouraged. If you believe you’re being flamed by another forum member, please send a private message to a forum moderator or Community Manager instead of replying. This applies to text, videos, and images.

Rather than letting flame threads turn into all-out flame wars, please agree to disagree or the thread is likely to be locked.

This post is obviously flaming. Your apparent deliberate typo does not hide the hurtful sentiment you made! You are being hostile and insulting to Gree. Please do not name and shame Gree!

No Trolling: This includes -

Creating threads for the sole purpose of disrupting the forum.
Causing disorder in threads by picking fights, making off-topic posts that ruin the thread discussion, and insulting other posters.
Creating posts designed to receive inappropriate responses.
No Bumping: Creating short posts with the sole intention of keeping threads at the top of the forum is called “bumping.” This raises forum traffic and clutter and moves more active threads down the page which may result in the thread being lost. Persistent offenders will be issued a warning or infraction. This rule excludes recruitment threads. Recruitment threads will be allowed one (1) bump either every 24 hours or when the thread moves to the second page of the sub-forum.

You are guilty of points 1, 2, and 3 IMHO. IANAL. That said I don't think you need one to show that you have broken the rules!

Infraction Categories and Levels:

Insulting other users (includes Mods/GREE Staff) 1 point expires in 7 days
Signature/avatar violation 1 point expires in 2 weeks
Inappropriate language 1 point expires in 2 weeks
Discriminatory remarks 1 point expires in 1 month
Spamming (non spam account)/repeated off-topic posts 1 point never expires

I would argue you are guilty of points 1, 3, and 5.

01-06-2016, 07:03 PM
You know the deal. Locking. nonconstructive. Thanks Monte for the friendly bullet points.