View Full Version : Expedition: Aberdeen Bundle: Throwback Units!

[PM] President Hightower
01-11-2016, 01:03 PM
At Ease!

We have discovered high-value targets in need of Rescue in Aberdeen, Scotland. The special forces included in these bundles will help you retrieve them. Please read below for full details. Good luck, Commanders.

January 12th, 2015 3:00pm PST


January 16th, 2015 2:00pm PST

Basic Information

Purchase 1 of the Tier 5 ($79.99) Expedition: Aberdeen, get a Ludovic's Mobile Radar Free!
Purchase 1 of the Tier 4 ($69.99) Expedition: Aberdeen, get an Ural Ensign Free!
Purchase 1 of the Tier 3 ($49.99) Expedition: Aberdeen, get a Buccaneer F-16A Free!
Purchase 2 of the Tier 2 ($19.99) Expedition: Aberdeen, get a Bay Anti-Personnel Free!
Purchase 3 of the Tier 1 ($9.99) Expedition: Aberdeen, get a Chaos Objective Force Free!

Additional Information

Each goal completed will give an OLD, previously released unit; The bonuses on these units DO NOT stack.
Ludovic's Mobile Radar; Attack: 130,935 Defense: 160,032; 15% Ground Defense
Ural Ensign; Attack: 183,833 Defense: 183,833; 13% Sea Attack
Buccaneer F-16A; Attack: 160,131 Defense: 195,716; 11% Air Defense
Bay Anti-Personnel; Attack: 32,581 Defense: 130,323; 11% Ground Attack
Chaos Objective Force; Attack: 30,465,371 Defense: 27,016,460; 10% Infantry Attack
Each of these units DO NOT STACK! Please be sure to check if you already own this unit.