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[PM] President Hightower
02-02-2016, 01:50 PM

Operational Dates:

** Please note: The Zenith Grunts are Expansion Platoon units, which stack and add together their Attack and Defensive power. When combined to 250, you will complete a goal. Please read below for additional information on these goals, as the unit created will have a bonus!**

Possible Loot:

1x Double Strike Token
25x Zenith Grunt: Attack Power: 1072830; Defense Power: 1365420
1x Zenith Frigate: Attack Power: 63394500; Defense Power: 58518000
1x Zenith Dragon Fire: Attack Power: 57298875; Defense Power: 64613625
1x Zenith Needler: Attack Power: 67702075; Defense Power: 70465425; Bonus:
1x Zenith Jungle Cutter: Attack Power: 75992125; Defense Power: 62175375
50x Zenith Grunt: Attack Power: 1072830; Defense Power: 1365420; Bonus:
1x Zenith Orion: Attack Power: 86151500; Defense Power: 76398500; Bonus: 1% Double Strike
1x Health
1x Frontline Main Carrier
1x Zenith Spitfire: Attack Power: 75098100; Defense Power: 95579400; Bonus: 1% Ground Attack
1x Zenith Porcupine: Attack Power: 90459075; Defense Power: 80218425; Bonus: 1% Infantry Defense
1x Zenith Sentry: Attack Power: 92165850; Defense Power: 78511650
1x Zenith Reaper: Attack Power: 108420850; Defense Power: 78511650; Bonus: 1% Air Defense
1x Zenith Siege Tank: Attack Power: 95335575; Defense Power: 91596925; Bonus: 1% Ground Attack
75x Zenith Grunt: Attack Power: 1072830; Defense Power: 1365420
1x Zenith Observer: Attack Power: 97204900; Defense Power: 89727600; Bonus: 1% Sea Defense
1x Zenith Nighthawk: Attack Power: 109233600; Defense Power: 85826400; Bonus: 1% Air Attack
2x Frontline Main Carrier
1x Zenith Gunner: Attack Power: 100943550; Defense Power: 118498950; Bonus: 2% Infantry Attack
1x Zenith Hard Tack: Attack Power: 305594000; Defense Power: 344606000; Bonus: 2% Alliance Attack
1x Zenith Infiltrator: Attack Power: 365737500; Defense Power: 365737500; Bonus: 3% Alliance Defense
1x Zenith Strike Sub: Attack Power: 373865000; Defense Power: 438885000; Bonus: 4% Alliance Attack
1x Zenith Fleet HQ: Attack Power: 214566000; Defense Power: 232446500; Bonus: 1% Alliance Attack
1x Zenith Musketeer: Attack Power: 209689500; Defense Power: 277960500; Bonus: 2% Alliance Defense

Special Goals:

Zenith Resupply: Common

Collect all Common units from the Zenith Resupply to boost your army's power!
Common Collection Prize: [Zenith Blackbird] Attack Power: 63028763; Defensive Power: 71074987; Bonus: 5% Double Strike

Zenith Resupply: Uncommon

Collect all Uncommon units from the Zenith Resupply to boost your army's power!
Uncommon Collection Prize: [Zenith Airburst] Attack Power: 93872625; Defensive Power: 93872625; Bonus: 4% Ground Attack

Zenith Resupply: Rare

Collect all Rare units from the Zenith Resupply to boost your army's power!
Rare Collection Prize: [Zenith Leviathan] Attack Power: 438072250; Defensive Power: 455952750; Bonus: 5% Alliance Defense

Zenith Resupply: Training 1 through 6

Collect 250 Zenith Grunt units from the Zenith Resupply crate. Through training we will evolve them into the perfect soldier!
Training Prize: [Zenith Elite Warrior] Attack Power: 373052250; Defensive Power: 358422750; Bonus: 1% Alliance Attack

Zenith Resupply: Ultimate

Train 6 Zenith Elite Warrior units by completing the Zenith Resupply: Training missions. With enough, we can exchange them for the Ultimate unit.
Ultimate Training Prize: [Zenith Warlord] Attack Power: 443761500; Defensive Power: 409626000; Bonus: 4% Alliance Attack