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Evan James Sawyer
02-09-2016, 09:37 AM
my faction needs help! 151941148 we have all the bonuses maxed out the DL and I came from a top 100 faction. We decided to make our own and are in need of new recruits please and thanks if you see this and don't want to join and know somebody who does pass it along

02-19-2016, 06:27 AM
You are welcome to bring your guys over to our faction, outside the wire Outside The Wire, 607956217 - we have 18/60 open spots and currently have 42 players. We also have a few friends that can swell our numbers by 12 players when we are in a tight spot. We would rather have a full roster than to ask for help.

We have all the regular bonuses, plus many earned through quests. We are almost finished with stage 4 of the Faction Hqs.

We are typically in the top 400-600 of WD and higher in Frontline. We have no mandatory minimum point requirements, but we DO expect participation. At our best we are consistently in the 300-400 range for WD. We have a broad spectrum of players and will accept anyone willing to be active in the game.

Our group is loyal, there is a core of 10-15 that have been together for years, and another 12 or so that have been with us at least a year.

Here is our standard recruitment pitch:

Want to increase your stats? Get lots of rewards? Be in an active Faction with all of the bonuses? Join Outside The Wire, 607956217