View Full Version : Arrogant Crusaders (Android)

Darren Cooper
02-20-2016, 12:46 PM
Hello friends - we are a Lvl 75 guild w/ 4 X 8% boost and 1 X 7% (Water). We are Empire Alliance, TMoM Family. We have access to top runs weekly, and when full, we would easily run T250 w/o trouble ourselves on a regular week.

We are looking for LOYALTY. We are happy to help you grow - in fact, we prefer Level 30-50s and showing you how to get to Level 100+ in a matter of WEEKS.

We require Line app as we organize War strategy and discuss ongoing guild matters in our group chat.

Please contact Guild Sentinel Coop (coop72 line ID) for more info. We have HC spots for those who EARN them - no free rides tho.

Grow with us, run with us, be part of the strongest Family of the strongest Alliance!

TMoM GS Coop