View Full Version : Furious Legacy Set!

[PM] President Hightower
02-26-2016, 08:49 AM

Operational Dates:
FEBRUARY 27 15:00:00PM PST - FEBRUARY 28 14:00:00PM PST

Operation Details:
Command is issuing specially trained units and vehicles in to help with the war effort. For those that participate, there are more elite versions available, as well as rare units.

Special Units

[SEA] Furious Sea Dragon: ATK: 27037500; DEF: 37337500; GOLD COST: 25
[AIR] Furious Gecko: ATK: 63360000; DEF: 68640000; GOLD COST: 55
[GROUND] Furious Demolisher: ATK: 132820000; DEF: 96180000; GOLD COST: 100
[INFANTRY] Furious Suppressor: ATK: 232133000; DEF: 295442000; GOLD COST: 235

Possible Loot:

COMMON: [SEA] Furious Frigate: ATK: 85536000; DEF: 72864000; BONUS: +2% Double Strike
UNCOMMON: [GROUND] Furious Renegade: ATK: 118164000; DEF: 156636000; BONUS: +3% Ground Defense
RARE: [INFANTRY] Furious Breacher: ATK: 310214100; DEF: 322875900; BONUS: +1% Alliance Attack

High-Bonus, unstackable units available in this event:

Silent LST Carrier +15% Sea Attack*
Night Stalker Tank + 20% Ground Defense*
Recon Ghost Elite + 30% Infantry Attack*

Obtaining these soldiers will result in potentially gaining old, high-value bonus units released long ago.*


Purchase a Furious Sea Dragon and a receive a Free Bonus Furious Sea Dragon!
Purchase a Furious Gecko and a receive a Free Bonus Furious Gecko!
Purchase a Furious Demolisher and a receive a Free Bonus Furious Demolisher!
Purchase a Furious Suppressor and a receive a Free Bonus Furious Suppressor!
Obtain 3 Furious Sea Dragons, 3 Furious Geckos, 3 Furious Demolishers, and 3 Furious Suppressors and a receive a Free Silent LST Carrier!
Obtain 5 Furious Sea Dragons, 5 Furious Geckos, 5 Furious Demolishers, and 5 Furious Suppressors and a receive a Free Night Stalker Tank!
Obtain 7 Furious Sea Dragons, 7 Furious Geckos, 7 Furious Demolishers, and 7 Furious Suppressors and a receive a Free Recon Ghost Elite!

* Please note, these units do not stack. Be sure to check your inventory if you have already owned one of these items.