View Full Version : [PAID OUT!] Burst Attack: Issue and Resoltuion

[PM] President Hightower
02-29-2016, 10:05 AM
Hello Modern Warriors,

You've probably seen me around the forums, mostly just posting information; however this time I wanted to make sure that we made a clear statement on a recent issue this weekend considering the BURST ATTACK EVENT.

Originally the event items were meant to be:

Burst Striker +2% Air Defense
Burst Warrior +6% Infantry Attack
Burst KONG +1% Fight Valor Payout
Burst Hunter +1% Missions Payout
Burst Tornado +1% Raid Valor Payout
Burst Ranger +1% Raid Payout
Burst Juggernaut +3% Sea Attack
Burst Giga Wing +1% Double Strike
Burst Dragon Flame +3% Ground Attack
Burst Nuke Carrier +4% Sea Defense
Burst Breacher +4% Infantry Defense
Burst Mauler +5% Ground Attack
Burst Talos +6% Air Defense
Burst Warship +2% Alliance Attack

Unfortunately, a display issue showed something quite different. Considering this, here is what we will be doing to rectify:

During the hours of 3pm - 6:30pm PST, February 28th, 2016
Anyone who spent Gold on energy during that time will be refunded
Anyone who used Energy Refills during that time will be refunded
We will be awarding all those who spent gold on energy OR used energy during that time a complimentary 5 Energy Refills
We WILL NOT be removing the units gained (see above list) players received during that time