View Full Version : [DROID] Ill Tempered Sea Bass Recruiting!

03-06-2016, 01:29 AM
Hello my fellow knd afficionados. Im very pleased to inform you one of the most stable, strongest and funniest android guilds is recruiting new guppies to join the fishpond.

About us:

- WE DONT STRIP. Thats right. What do we get these armors for? To walk around in some weak epic all war and get beaten by guilds who cant even come close in a normal fight? Nope. We enjoy living with clothes on in a world of nudists.
- Lvl 75 guild with maxed bonuses (duh :P)
- Several T10 finishes and countless T25. Recently took T10 in the Jugong Raid, the Smokestack (chimney) Raid and the Magma Lord raid. We plan these way ahead so everyone can save up gems. Last time we did it with 37 of our own and 3 freinds.
- Acces to top runs, but if youre only joining for that dont fool yourself. Takes a while before i trust people enough ;)
- Guild is stable T100/50 when not running. And has been for over 2 years already.
- Family-like environment cause a lot of people have been with us for more than a year and the freindly, fun atmosphere keeps them around
- Lot of fun! War minigames, raid challenges, a huge group of remotely crazy people just looking for a great time.

What do we expect of you?
- 16+ years old
- You can definitely be a little crazy but not rude. We like to have fun in a positive way.
- Able to make war and raid mins, and save gems. Looking for people who are stable and can do 50k in a war / 8m in a raid on Free Energy / some gems and occasionally buy some OR play very active and watch vids and stuff.
- Decent armors. We can definitely help you grow but need a solid base to be able to compete.
- If your armors are too low or your scores not high enough. We have a subguild called Dragon Warlords who usually finish t250 and can use some motivated fun people who want to grow.

I think thats most of it. Any questions just ask in this thread, in PM or add me on line app: Kangaroeland