View Full Version : Event: Boost Building Blowout! +Upgrade Specialist

[PM] President Hightower
03-07-2016, 10:07 PM

Operational Dates:
March 7 10:30PM PST - March 31 06:00PM PST

Operational Details:
A new mission brief has just come in. We’re dusting off some old BOOST buildings in case you missed them the first time around:

Advanced Warship Institute (Max: +30% Sea Power) → 100 Gold!
Accelerated Pilot School (Max: +30% Air Power) → 100 Gold!
Prototype Facility (Max: +30% Ground Power) → 100 Gold!
High Command (Max: +30% Infantry Power) → 100 Gold!

The Boost Building Blowout Event requires you to upgrade all four buildings for excellent rewards. Can’t upgrade enough buildings simultaneously? We’ve raised the limit on one of our Special Units to help you!

Upgrade Specialist (+1 Building Upgrade) → 125 Gold! (Limit 2)

Boosted Special Units Available:

[SEA] Boosted Destroyer: ATK: 11,128,419; DEF: 13,063,796; Bonus: +1% Sea Defense
[INFANTRY] Boosted Anti-Tank: ATK: 132,653,977; DEF: 149,588,528; Bonus: +3% Infantry Attack Attack
[GROUND] Boosted Ariete: ATK: 252,808,644; DEF:190,715,292; Bonus:+5% Ground Defense Defense
[AIR] Boosted Skylord: ATK: 379,011,363; DEF: 427,395,793; Bonus:+2% Alliance Attack


Boost Building Blowout (5/20): Boosted Destroyer
Boost Building Blowout (10/20): Boosted Anti-Tank
Boost Building Blowout (15/20): Boosted Ariete
Boost Building Blowout (20/20): Boosted Skylord