View Full Version : T25 Raid Guild RECRUITING NOW Arrogant Crusaders

Darren Cooper
03-08-2016, 05:47 PM
Arrogant Crusaders - 19th overall in Mar 4 Soulburner Raid - recruiting ACTIVE, LOYAL MEMBERS. Level 75 guild w/ all 8% bonuses (gold drops welcome!)

New members must:

-Hit mins (see below)
-Listen and follow rules of events
-Communicate effectively (Line app a MUST)
-EARN a promotion

We are fine w/ players of any level, as long as you are committed to growing with us. We will coach anyone to get them to level 100+ asap (seen it done in a week... more realistically, 3-4 weeks is typical)

Mins are:

War: Non-leadership: 40 attacks, Leadership: 60 attacks
Raid: Comm < lvl 100: 1 millon, Comm > lvl 100: 2 million, HC: 4 million, Leadership: 8 million
Blitz: 50% of regular mins

Contact coop72 on Line App to discuss your future w/ the best up & coming guild in the Empire Alliance!!!!