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03-16-2016, 09:22 PM
Hey friends, I am 4 weeks into this game now and I thought I'd share my primitive methods for powering up.

My favorite method would be the Boss Raid events.
The best way is to go to Canal Street and snatch Carmen Rivera's purse.
For sake of simplicity, lets say you have 250 energy.
Snatching Carmen's purse costs 9 energy for 1 XP.
250/9=28 purse snatches for 28 XP, and you should net about 5-10 Boss Raid Tokens.
Now use those tokens to farm the 1st level Raid Boss for 1 token and you should be able to take him down 5 times, I'm guessing, before he goes up to 2 tokens.
The loot you get from him is around 700-800k attack, just for the common items. I have not figured out how to increase my chances of landing uncommon or rare items.
So that means you'll get around 3.5 million to 4 million (5 take downs x 700-800k loot drops) increase in attack power for 28 XP, if you land all common items, before he becomes 2 tokens per battle.
I really need to figure out how to increase my chances of landing uncommon and rare items.
Now, you'll need to be in a syndicate to do this so methods will vary.
The syndicate I am in is fairly small so we split the difference among our members focusing mostly on who needs to most power up first.

My second method works well even if you aren't in a syndicate.
It would be the Lock Box Events.
Now the BEST times to do lock box events is right a few days AFTER the Boss Raid event has begun.
The reason for this is because, most people will be doing jobs or attacks in an attempt to gain boss raid tokens and along that process, they will acquire some Lock Boxes at the same time.
So go to your rival list, look at their inventory, if they have loot from the current Boss Raid event, then its 99.9% certain that they'll have lock boxes because lock boxes cannot be banked.
Pro-Tip: Lock boxes DO NOT go away if they are unopened. So collect 5 at first and work on opening those five and if you want to attempt to open more then go by tiers. This is if you do not want to level up too quickly. Otherwise just steal everybody's lock boxes and hoard em up.

Using these two methods, I've managed to acquire 323M ATK but my DEF is lacking at 269M by level 20. This is all without using gold, I am saving my gold for a juicy Limited Time Building + Reward.

Now I know my stats aren't all that impressive, I've seen people in the 500-800M at my level, but compared to the majority of my rival list and the recent match-up in the BFEC PVP event, I think I am doing fairly decent.

In fact, we managed to land top 1500 in the recent BFEC Septic event with a 3 man deep syndicate.

I don't know if this is well for a syndicate because I have nothing to compare but I say we did pretty well.

Also, I'd like to send an acknowledgement to user Blaggard, for introducing me to user Tramp Stamp which led me to many CC building strategies from olden times, and an acknowledgement to user MXZ for letting me that ROI is a useless stat, if it wasn't for MXZ, I would be wasting my time upgrading my buildings according to their ROI. Now I upgrade buildings based on Increased Revenue:
Expected collections per day * increase in income per collection / Upgrade time (in days)
Credit goes to user Duder for this one.
You can find his "In-Depth Guide to Hood Economics" here:

Raid Boss Faq

Lock Box Faq

What are your favorite methods for amassing strength?

I look forward to reading your replies!

Happy Gaming!

sister morphine
03-18-2016, 01:41 AM
Hi, you're not taking other player's boxes if you beat them up. Back in 'Ye Olde Days' you did steal from others, but they changed it.

03-18-2016, 07:34 AM
The best way to power up is to realize chasing stats for the sake of having bigger numbers is a bit like upgrading buildings based on ROI, only even more pointless since the only things that will change are your rivals.

Red BD
03-18-2016, 09:53 PM
Hi, you're not taking other player's boxes if you beat them up. Back in 'Ye Olde Days' you did steal from others, but they changed it.

I thought I got some- annoyingly since I usually have a bunch I'm never going to get around to opening anyway unless a find a gold mine.
Was this a recent change or some random hallucination on my part?

03-19-2016, 05:09 AM
I have a better way to power up:

Bring you and the other members of your team to my T150, as long as all of you are active and can make 15,000 influence points in war. For Street Assault we understand you're brand new players but if you just rack up the demons and choppers we farm you should be able to get 4/5m.

In Raid Boss, instead of hitting Carmen for uzis to level up, you will gain respect points for completing syndicate goals in raid boss which you can use to buy uzis; but we always have a surplus of uzis. You will have the opportunity to farm lots of bosses and acquire plenty of loot items. All of that loot will add up quick. We ranked 54 in the most kills leaderboard of RB two events ago, and rank 92 on the last. We focus on farming for loot rather than most kills leaderboard, but you will still get a modifier prize for there.

You will have the chance to grow big here, and seeing your enthusiasm for the game will make a great addition to our team and will grow quick in stats.

Also; the rivals list is very limiting. You can only see other players around your attack/defense and for some people level. You are actually off to a great start at 300m at L20, and have done a good job keeping your level low; but here you will see well into the billions quick.

We are also a family of teams, so you will have the opportunities to move up to our T50 team in time, or move down to our T500 team.

Just an option. Hoping you see this post before it gets deleted because I'm recruiting in the general subforum; but I'll also pm.

If interested great, if not and you'd like to build your own syndicate up good luck!