View Full Version : Recycle Feature Issue & Resolution

[PM] President Hightower
03-31-2016, 02:52 PM
As many of you know, there was an issue with the Recycling feature. We discovered that players were able to recycle Alpha units for more than their purchase price and some players took significant advantage of this. Other players did not know of the issue and so this caused a huge rift between player balances.

In order to ensure fairness for all players, it was necessary to remove Cash and Valor obtained in this way. Any units purchased with Valor gained from recycling the Alpha units have been removed. This affects only those who purchased and recycled Alpha units.

Known Issues:
Currently there is a difference between the values the client shows you and what you receive when recycling units. The client is being worked on and Recycling will return back to normal shortly. For now, please hold off on any recycling as you will receive very low Cash (1m max) and Valor (100k max).

Thank you for your patience.

[PM] President Hightower
03-31-2016, 04:35 PM
A script is now running to compensate Cash and Valor to players who recycled units other than the Alpha units that appeared with the Hardcore Boss. This will run over the course of an hour or so. Thank you.