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04-19-2016, 06:40 PM
Loading now..... I got a titanium backup already in case it makes things worse.

04-19-2016, 06:49 PM
Seems to be working so far.

- Stats Display still broken
- Recycling seems to work
- Capacative buttons are hidden. Took me a few to figure out that if I swipe from that side, it brings the buttons back to quit.

04-20-2016, 12:15 AM
So this major release only for recycling fix?...

Cannot Connect To Server
04-20-2016, 12:33 PM
it prob has a load of bugs and fixes that made bugs u hvnt found yet...

if you tap a lot and still the target on maps gets up then its all working as usual...

thank yoi for the intel thrs a new updarw dont know if to try it yet as they took off the ability to install older versions so if it dont work the gms fudge again.

04-20-2016, 12:57 PM
Base and maps are broken.
Aspect ratio of displayed screens and items is broken.
The version seems worste than previous.

04-20-2016, 01:33 PM
With each ALLEGED new, improved, FIXED release things only get worse, more bugs appear, and more things just don't work.

04-20-2016, 01:56 PM
With each ALLEGED new, improved, FIXED release things only get worse, more bugs appear, and more things just don't work.


Killing LTQ targets is broken as well

04-20-2016, 06:12 PM
How can Gree be so pathetic and incompetent? It's actually quite amazing they can get so much wrong.

04-20-2016, 06:47 PM
How can Gree be so pathetic and incompetent? It's actually quite amazing they can get so much wrong.

Yet, the $£₩€¥ keeps on rolling in.

Cannot Connect To Server
04-21-2016, 06:26 AM
i updated and now can hardly play... i already was having problens due to damaged screen... now gree hides the back home buttons i cant pull the menu ok and this now means more pain.

i suffer in lot of pain and with this setting i now hv to tap even more and drag even more gree has increased my taps by hundreds a play on top of everything else... i dont evendo maps now as the hundred taps to take out one target is stupid and always has been.

this is supposed to be a military style strategy game... but in what battle ever did anyone send in a bomber to hit the same target 16 times and it still gets up again... lol... thrs too much tapping on maps...thr needs to be a setting to auto do that target...

either auto hit in one or auto hit for an energy amount... ie the target is 4hits4 times 100 energy a hit 1600 total so a setting that says use 1000 and u press twice etc ir seting it 400 u press 4 to get 16.

or it just uses all until u run oyt or it does that one target ...but also needs a setting so u cant misfire... lol so only wirks in arrowed targets...

they wont do...the gane is so far tedious that maps are not wirth doing for crud prizes and super high xp and energy when the new stupud store has higher units u can just buy without hundreds of taps.

anyways with a hidden back home button makes the game even more annoying and harder to play...the extra 3mm of screen makes no difference to a badly programmed no fun game...but being able to press back fast so menus and boss flash and rb pop ups and fl pop ups GET THE F OFF MY SCREEN was important.

now the game is just useless no fun crud.

thanks gree... not many games i can play due to disabilities nowcant play this one.

why the flip does your company constantly abuse its customer base? you firce out broken updates and data pushes week after week and dont even apologise or fix thinfs hardly ever anything works.

if making big changes make them a darn setting so players have the choice..

id rather lose 3mm of screen and hv the buttons then be forced to hv to press even more times...i use the back button over 100+ times while try play now wld hv to double it thus causing more strain and take even longer to actually play. stupud company just ruin every game u touch.

flipping only other way to play now is buy a flipping samsung with hardware buttons cos some stupid company called gree inc discriminates against disabled people and people with disabilities on top of bad programming and stealing from customers.

oh well. they never listen they never learn. just roll out bugs everyday.

[PM] President Hightower
04-21-2016, 09:09 AM
Thank you for the information. Specific devices you are using would be helpful but I will elevate these issues immediately. If you are using an older devices or the OS is out-of-date, sometimes there can be issues that are not always testable.

@Cannot Connect To Server: Your concern about the number of taps is already being considered.

Vile Lynn
04-21-2016, 09:19 AM
President Hightower;1556659']Thank you for the information. Specific devices you are using would be helpful (especially in CS tickets)...

I thought the footer data in tickets sent thru the game would have device-type info. :confused:

I'll start letting customers know to include this info.

[PM] President Hightower
04-21-2016, 09:29 AM
Vile Lynn,

You are correct, the CS tickets automatically get that information. Really I just mean CS tickets will help us "prove" there is an issue since forums have a bit less info usually. But if posting here, at least the device being used would be helpful.

04-21-2016, 09:35 AM
Maybe you guys should just test your game and events before putting them out? Why is it that every other game on my phone works flawlessly but Modern war is nothing but s huge problem. I can Bart play it with the crashing on iOS.

04-21-2016, 12:08 PM
Maybe you guys should just test your game and events before putting them out? Why is it that every other game on my phone works flawlessly but Modern war is nothing but s huge problem. I can Bart play it with the crashing on iOS.WBS is correct. I play many games on many platforms: Windows, iOS, various android favors, with no problems. It's when I play this game I experience difficulties. I occasionally tap in LOW, Legions of War, another Gree derivative without problems of any kind. Yet, across all platforms this game fails miserably. It's not the device, operating system, it's the poorly architected, orchestrated spaghetti code which distresses your customers.

04-21-2016, 04:09 PM
Only issue I get from update is the same from the last 10 update is base not loading where I have to log out of game and log back in multiple times. If my own base does not load going to raid or attack anyone else their base doesn't load also. Only solution is to log out and in over and over(android device).

Cannot Connect To Server
04-22-2016, 04:44 AM
i only got my device in november when gree blocked all older OS. im using a sony xperia was on a samsung before... os is 5.1.1 so is current far as i know... i dont do anything else with the device but play few games.

only game thats ever had problems on any device ive ever used is MW. even CC never suffered the same issues. i no longer play CC as it was lost when Gree blocked older OS and it was not linked toG Play.

With ltqs like RB and HCB and especially FL u hv to use the back button even more just to get rid of the hundreds of popups and try actually deploy or hit or even load the event.

EB pop up has to be closed to get to fight and then hit as does the now even higher data sucking and super slow loading of HCB... EB was always annoying not being able to trigger it, now trigger is faster but load times for HCB can be minutes or not load at all, if u do not BACK BUTTON skip the multiple pop ups and ranks list... which is unessesary to waste data and load it everytime when it has its own icon for u to chk when u want.

all people want it for it to load and to hit... then re trigger and hit again. etc.

simple... but gree dont do simple...

they like wasting data and costing ppl hundreds to pay to networks...

u want ppl to buy gold but also pay carriers super high rates for excess data? do u own shares in EE. - .T Mobile - Verizon etc???

many players have quit the game because the data they was paying for was hundreds of dollars a month... soon as they stopped playing MW and played Boombeach and other games theyre data dropped by 80%+ as did theyre carrier costs.

you seem to forget this is a mobile game... ppl play on phones and tablets using carrier data...not everyone has access to wifi or even unlimited internet on wifi or carrier...

whether using tge back button does help data is unknown but it sure gets u to the hit buttons faster...we dont need to see all the popups all the time...we dont need all the ranks lists etc

we just want the bosses up right away to hit them...

.... gree also forgets this game is MOBILE.... and due to the HUNDREDS OF HIGH QUALITY JPEG IMAGES.... the cpus in peoples phones and tablets are working constantly at full power... my sansung when playing was always over 115°when the game was on and wld drop off when the game was exit and force closed.

my sony also gets very hot... both devices needed to be on mains to play for a period over 1-2 hours as the battery drain is immense.

no other game ive ever played sucks battery or heats up devices like MW DOES.

I EVEN HAD a sony i7 laptop with dedicated nvidia that run cool doing everything... but put on bluestacks and then run MW and the fans would go ape sht... and heat up so flipping high u wld thk it was portable bar b q...

exit mw and fan rates drop and temps lower...

MW sucks data and battery and cpu and gpu like no other game ive ever played this causing possible damage faster due to exceess heat and having to charge more often...

u know a simple fix would be a low quality or mq setting where images are not as HQ as they are.. long term players hv seen all the images thousands of times... we rarly take any notice of them anymore just look at a new building press upgrade then dont look again until its due for upgrade...

theres many issues in this game many bugs many problems.. and each upgrade such as not making a setting so ppl hv the choice to have back home buttons or full screen is another big mistake...unless ur on a samsung...hv fast unlinited data and dont gv a crud about extra taps...i suffer a lot of pain playing but its all i hv in days of nothingness..im ill..i wont get better .. i cant play fast ganes or use pads anymore so xbox playstation are out the window.. im stuck either with nothing or games like this whr u just upgrade tap hit...course the thousabds if other players are not me..they may like hundreds of extra taps and nkt care if they waste data or it costs more etc big users wont for sure as they spend thousands to play...

but the game could be better... the game has many bugs that need fixing before new features wuth bugs are rolled out... sadly i dont thk gree can do it... not on android as there just too many versions..

even if u did make it only for v5 and up u still hv all those carruer versions with their extra crud added in and all sorts..

its a bug job... but if other companies make ganes that work and run cool and use less data ... why cant gree?...

oh well long... im pisd off cant get on the game hours so am sit here and i dont come to the forums much as used to do...

please mk a setting so ppl hv choices... back home on yes no.... gold are you sure yes no... high quality yes no these would be great ir even pop ups yes no...

for those of us thats played years...ltqs like rb we dont need THE RB HAS APPEARED we just want to go right to it...that pop up thousabds of times to thousands of players alone wld save u tons of server power... as wld many others...

imo... all the years of playing there has only been one good epic boss and one good frontline... both done few weeks ago...

the fl that had no popups was great to play despite being broken and giving no prizes...

lol ppl cld hit and depliy with minimal rejects on carrier networks and the epic triggered fast so less battery usage and less stress keep hitting trying to figure oyt if its not starting ir has and need to exit restart mw over and over..

so much stress and annoyance in one game that also has addictivness down to a tee for thousands of ppl around the world who all want one basic simple function...

for the game to work so they can play.

Cannot Connect To Server
04-22-2016, 04:48 AM
lots of typos in the book above cant be stressed to edit...but uf anyone does bother to read it espec from gree..i hope soneday u do fix the game and understand that your game is one if the nost buggy ones ever in the history of games and ppl do like the gane but it annoys them so much cos they just want it to work... and we all try help u for years but still not much gets done just more updates that hv more wrong.

i doubt the game will ever be fixed... its just got too much wrong..but still will try help while still can move or get ut to load. tired now.bye.

Mrs Cash
04-22-2016, 05:52 PM
Why, oh why, did I do the latest update? V 6.0.0. Game rebooted quite a few times but finally worked itself out. No result splash from the hardcore boss event. Now everytime I hit the faction button, the game reboots. I should have known better to wait...

04-23-2016, 01:47 PM
The coordinates are wrong in maps and base. It is difficult to hit targets on maps and select buildings for upgrade.
And images are stretched horizontally.
It seems that the compilation was made with options for developer's device, not for common use.