View Full Version : Heavy Artillery Set 4/29 - 5/2

[PM] President Hightower
04-30-2016, 11:30 AM

Operational Dates:
April 29th 03:00PM PST - May 2nd 02:00PM PST

Operation Details:
Attention Commanders! Heavy Artillery Set is here! Units with incredible power can be found in the store. Purchase a full set of 4 and receive one of the rewards below.

Possible Set Rewards:

[GROUND] H.A Arbalest: ATK: 124,740,000; DEF: 172,260,000; Bonus: +3% Double Strike
[INFANTRY] H.A Ghost: ATK: 243,000,000; DEF: 297,000,000; Bonus: +3% Infantry Attack
[AIR] H.A Sky Wyvern: ATK: 509,292,000; DEF:703,308,000; Bonus: +4% Alliance Attack

Legacy Units: High-Bonus, unstackable units available in this event:

[SEA] Core Bomb Tech: ATK: 194,650,733; DEF: 48,662,683; BONUS: 24% Sea Attack
[INFANTRY] Infused Sniper: ATK: 583,730; DEF: 538,827; BONUS: +1 Energy Regeneration

Special Collection Goals:

Heavy Artillery Collection (5/7): Obtain 3 H.A Glavies, 3 H.A Desert Recons, 3 H.A Blackjacks, and 3 H.A FalconXs and receive a Free *Core Bomb Tech Legacy unit! (Non Stacking).
Heavy Artillery Collection (6/7): Obtain 5 H.A Glavies, 5 H.A Desert Recons, 5 H.A Blackjacks, and 5 H.A FalconXs and receive a Free *Infused Sniper Legacy unit! (Non Stacking)
Heavy Artillery Collection (7/7): Obtain 8 H.A Glavies, 8 H.A Desert Recons, 8 H.A Blackjacks, and 8 H.A FalconXs and receive a Free H.A Sky Wyvern!

* Please note, these units do not stack. Be sure to check your inventory if you have already owned one of these items.