View Full Version : Stat points overhaul

05-05-2016, 06:11 AM
The way it is now, the stat points are pretty much useless except for stamina. The only way to increase Army Defense and Hero Defense (other then buying equipment) is to put points on Army defense. 1 point will raise my Army Defense 18 points and Hero Defense 17 points. Since the stat inflation these have pretty much become moot. Spending 500 points will net only 8500 points. With an Army Defense of 1.8m, 8500 is a drop in the bucket.

Instead of giving a set amount of points, why not change it to a percentage instead? This way, it will grow with you as you put more points in and acquire more equipment.

Then perhaps in the future, you can start giving bonuses with Army Atk or Def % increases. It certainly is better then raid honor payout...

The Army and Hero stats really do matter as peolle with 1/3 less then my defense can still win a raid. It would be good if prizes are available to increase those 4 stats.