View Full Version : What a wonderful WD in Greece.

05-07-2016, 08:57 PM
Yes, another winner.
One question, in PvP, double strikes are never ending.
In WD, double strikes are short lived, almost nonexistent.
Why, oh why?
My friend says it to make more money.
I don't think a reputable company would DEW that.
Now my friend says I'm sucking up to THEGREE.
Please, help me give my friend the right answer.
I don't want my friend to hate me.

05-08-2016, 04:16 AM
It's plain and simple gree S. U. C. K. S at operating this game. Always full of problems or glitches. If it was not for the friends that I made from game I would have deleted game long ago. But with all the changes and more money grabs you can not keep up unless you want to spend a ton. The new hq is all about spending and spending a lot. Plus the never ending problem that never get fixed. This will be my last cycle with the losers at gree.

Agent Orange
05-08-2016, 05:00 AM
Yup this WD is probably the most unplayable yet. Can't scout because the app crashes before the data screen pops up. If the app didn't crash then the lag is brutal.

Droid isn't much better, on half the tablets when cycling through linked accounts the back/home/all buttons pop up and your screen is frozen so only way out is to close app and reload. Also intermittently if you go to check your stats you get an error saying data not available.

Matching is fast, sort of depending on number and composition of your faction however there appear to be even less factions so mismatching is even worse in the lower levels. Granted that one is a no win, either make matches more even and they take forever or lower the parameters and speed things up.

Awards seem pretty useless as well given amount of time wasted so this is the last WD for me.

05-08-2016, 04:45 PM
WD has lost its fun awhile ago to me. It's just another crash happy event.

05-08-2016, 05:28 PM
WD has lost its fun awhile ago to me. It's just another crash happy event.

Each WD event should only be 15 minutes in duration.
That would be better for THEGREE.
Only a few could "regen" quickly enough to tap for FREE.

Cannot Connect To Server
05-09-2016, 04:43 PM
i agree with dew and agent orange... the game is messed up and prizes crud...wd no fun..it lags badly crashes etc..

at times it can take 1-2 minutes to do 1 hit!! constant server errors ...cant connect etc...switch games takes ages... frontline takes about 2mins before units even appear... can download a tv show in minutes but cant find gres server to do a hit...

check my data on my main....12/04-10/05 over 18gb used by MW... just what is it doing? why so much data being sucked? for frontline i only played ever 6-8 hrs when near full..or wd this wd i only played 4-5 battles... just cld not hit cld not fire so annoying yet do hv data and am connected..
whole team so fed up with bugs that 11of the most actives quit yesterday during wd!! totally had enough of the crashes and bugs posted apologies and are gone.... no back button and games freezes make it harder to play the way its always been done... when the buttons and game freezes no way to exit no way home to sort it... u can be stuck near5minutes waitingfor it to return or force close...all maps are off hit something left and a building off screen gets hit... try pick up cash hv to tap away from it... so many hundreds of misfires now u cant hit that target as its not where im flipping tap...

x is not the spot anymr its like spot the ball game just random tap 200 x and u might beat N 1

gree broke what worked... destroyed the things that was ok and broke everything but the gold buttons...they messed up years ago and hv no clue how to fix it...prizes are crud when store higher now.. its all stupid. spending gold even more stupid when there is nothing to head for unless u like raid payout or double strike that does not pay or give points on wd.

just likevthese gold units u cant find in ur army and the hcb units saying indie but they blow up and so on...its all broken and waste... it used to be a fun and challenging game...now its like a constant repeat of trash like a kardashian re run 24 hrs a day.we dont need the crud. we needed bug fixes we needed good events and ltqs.but gree broke it all.

sell it gree. i hv -0.50 cents u can pay me to take it only 17,000% interest for u special just cos u hv a Z in ur name.. oh oopsu dont ok 280,000% sell it gree. ucant fix it... cos u dont know how. (cant be syresed to edit typos sorry too tired).