View Full Version : Looking for a new guild IOS

05-16-2016, 02:57 AM
looking for a guild

maxed Dragonforged:
Witchhunter's cowl (fullset)

other Dragonforged:
stellular armament 101/105
deepsea desttroyer 100/105 (fullset)
haoma robes 14/105?
witch doctor's wargear 51/105

manipulator of time 7/10 Ascension

im level 400+

i dnt usually buy gems unless i really liked the armor and i prefer raid cuz timezone conflicts, im from australia...

at current raid (water/fire DF) im sitting at 37m... when meeting mins, i havent failed any guilds i joined at T30 i usually score 8m+ ofc depending on what raid boss im up against...