View Full Version : Midfield Melee: Collection (1/3)... say what?

06-29-2016, 12:31 PM
OK. So I've been trying this Defeat Odis Courtney in Soho until you receive 6 Midfield Lotus Kimono Tokens.

I've hit this guy over 50 times now and nothing has changed. I've earned a wack load of $$ and a few bricks and handshakes but not sure when or how these MLK tokens are to show up?


06-29-2016, 12:37 PM
cancel that. LOL. I hit him over 100 times straight and finally got something. Now I've hit Pricella 70 times and ran out... lol. Odd game.

Mrs Cash
06-30-2016, 08:12 AM
Its a cheap way to get bricks, powers and cash, triggers eb's (nit quickly enough though), but too much tapping involved. Too much work lately...

06-30-2016, 05:15 PM
I've been starting to do the ultimate collection 2/3 instead of up to L5 on the regular goals.

Whilst trying to collect these expensive tokens you rack up quite an amount of star power, more so than just doing up to L5 on all three goals. Sometimes I get lucky and complete 2/3 for a nice 3% mafia attack, other times I don't see more than two tokens..