View Full Version : Will the Forest Flight Sale units stack?

07-15-2016, 11:58 AM
We have a number of gem units that give cp increases. There is no info on weather they will stack or not.

My thinking is that they will not stack, but if they do stack, I will but them. IPassButter, please clarify.

07-15-2016, 12:13 PM
The units in the Forest Fight sale do not stack. Please make sure you do not already have the same units in your inventory before purchasing.

The red Baron
07-15-2016, 03:42 PM
Shame over you, why no warning in the sale info. I bought such units in the past, claimed and got nothing back. This was the reason to stop playing with gems. I f you steal our money, if you betrayel us more and more will stop playing with money or leave the game. I stepped sown from top 4 to a top 25 guild and now retire in top 50 - 75.