View Full Version : Romancing the Drone (Leaderboard Event)

[PM] President Hightower
07-20-2016, 04:16 PM

Operational Dates:
2016-07-20 15:00:00PM PST - 2016-07-20 14:00:00PM PST

Operational Details:
A new mission brief has arrived from President Hightower. Gen. Zolo's Drones have been seen spying on us! They are being traded within Traveler's Cases around the world. Find these cases and obtain the specified number of Gen. Zolo's Drones within 71 hours to earn rewards — but only the top ranked soldiers who claim the most drones can earn the following rewards:

Leaderboard Rank Rewards:

Top 1
Cartagenian J22 Fighter
+40% Air Attack
ATK: 748,738,043
DEF: 748,738,043

Top 3
Cartagenian Brigade
+25% Infantry Defense
ATK: 729,390,652
DEF: 621,332,778

Top 5
Cartagenian LAV
+20% Ground Attack
ATK: 517,707,432
DEF: 686,263,341

Top 10
Cartagenian Patrol Craft
+18% Sea Defense
ATK: 634,330,870
DEF: 422,887,247

Top 25
Cartagenian Helicopter
+16% Air Attack
ATK: 528,069,967
DEF: 382,395,493

Top 50
Cartagenian Ghost SAS
+14% Infantry Defense
ATK: 442,953,426
DEF: 320,759,378

Top 150
Cartagenian Assault Racer
+12% Ground Attack
ATK: 283,801,668
DEF: 333,158,479

Top 250
Cartagenian Submarine
+10% Sea Defense
ATK: 282,124,495
DEF: 188,082,996

Speed Objectives:
For soldiers who go above and beyond the call of duty with their speed, the following two rewards can be obtained during this mission.

Speed Run
Cartagenian UAV
+15% Alliance Defense
ATK: 795,159,802
DEF: 552,568,675
20 Tokens within 36 hours

Speed Run [Ultimate]
Cartagenian Suppressor
+30% Alliance Attack
ATK: 727,773,378
DEF: 619,955,099
40 Tokens within 35 hours

Unit Collection Objectives:
For soldiers who go above and beyond the call of duty with their perseverance in rallying more units, the following three rewards can be obtained during this mission.

Event: Romancing the Drone (1/3)
Cartagenian APC4
+4% Ground Defense
ATK: 193,174,415
DEF: 256,068,411

Event: Romancing the Drone (2/3)
Cartagenian Cruiser
+7% Sea Defense
ATK: 419,293,304
DEF: 329,444,739

Event: Romancing the Drone (3/3)
Cartagenian MI26
+10% Air Defense
ATK: 419,293,304
DEF: 628,939,956

Legacy Units
Legacy units are located in the following areas of this mission. These units are beneficial for soldiers who have missed out on the opportunity to obtain these powerful units before. Please note if you already own them, these bonuses will not stack.

Moskva Sun-Lance
+5% Air Attack
4 Tokens

Corsair Leader
+10% Infantry Attack
7 Tokens

Desert Storm Trooper
+10% Alliance Attack
11 Tokens (Ultimate Goal 1/5)

Harbinger Ares
+15% Ground Defense
14 Tokens

Prototype Nuclear Sub
+1 Energy Regen
20 Tokens