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Well, the newest event from GREE is Honor and Vengeance is a PvP (Player vs Player) event in which you fight other players in order to gain Honor Points. This event uses the Stamina stat to fight or attack other players. Unlike the traditional method of PvP in which you can attack and raid other players, and are given a completely new UI for this type of battle.

At the beginning of the event the event, you are give an Honor Weapon, which will be either a Sea, Ground, Air or Infantry unit. This unit will be your only unit for battle in Honor and Vengeance. As you fight other players over the course of the event, this weapon will grow stronger. The weapon grows stronger as you gain Honor Points. The weapon starts out weak but can become as big as 900 million in stats as you fight and gain points. What is also nice is at the end of the event, you get this unit for your army almost as an unique custom units.

When you click the icon on the top right of the screen, you'll see a screen like the screenshot below;

https://s32.postimg.org/tb0wqloed/Screenshot_2016_07_28_22_19_59.png (https://postimg.org/image/hyob8tfpd/)photo hosting sites (https://postimage.org/)


The Status page show your current stats for the event. Here you'll see your Honor Weapon and how powerful it is, your status for the event - the most important of all being your highest chain and items.
Items sway how powerful your Honor Weapon offensive and defensive prowess are. There are three categories of items which are Attack, Defense and Special, all of which you can have two empty slots in which you can put modifiers into for either Cash or Gold, completely up to you.

Attack items are as follows;

10% Attack Pack

Effect: 10%
Duration:10 Minutes
Cost: 3,500,000 Cash

100% Attack Pack

Effect: 100%
Duration:1 hour 30 Minutes
Cost: 100 Gold

100% Attack Pack

Effect: 100%
Duration:15 Minutes
Cost: 100 Gold

Attack boost are cheap for the cash you'll spend so there is almost no reason to not have on active when you are attacking and earning points... of course if you don't have the cash to do so. Some players will use defensive boost to defend themselves so having a pretty much "free" 20% attack boost can come in handy.

Defense items are as follows;

5% Defense Pack

Effect: 5%
Duration:8 Hours
Cost: 8 Million Cash

75% Defense Pack

Effect: 75%
Duration:12 Hours
Cost: 25 Gold

75% Defense Pack

Effect: 75%
Duration:2 Hours
Cost: 10 Gold

Defensive boost allow you to better protect your Honor points from a player you just beat since when you lose to a player, you lose some of the Honor points you gained from them. Please read the followup of this below.

Special item(s) are as follows;

Reinforcement Bonus Pack

Effect: 3x Retry Bonus Multiplier
Duration:30 Minutes
Cost: 20 Gold

This item makes it to when you lose a battle and attack that player you just lost, your Reinforcement boost is now 3 times higher than it would be without the boost, which in turn saves Stamina. For example, if you attack someone and lose and attack them again, you get a 5% attack boost, which may or may not be enough to win. With this boost, that 5% boost becomes a 15% boost to your attack, which pretty much is 3 attacks and 15 Stamina. It has its uses but like always, its completely up to you.


The bulk of the event is done on this page. On this page, you'll see 3 sub-tabs, those being Vengeance,First Strike, and Faction Vengeance.

To start things off, you want to stay on the First Strike page since this is where you'll make your enemies, or as I like to call them, frenemies because the people you'll pick can be your best friend or someone you'll hate.

Unlike normal PvP such as raiding and attack other players and WD (World Domination), attacking players for Honor and Vengeance will NOT result in the loss of destructible units if you have them in your army so there is nothing to worry about here though I should say I have no idea how Hardcore Boss unit interact with this event because no Hardcore unit makes my army. With that out of the way, fell free to attack as often as you like!

You will start the even with 0 Honor Points and can freely attack other players. You should normally be paired with players of similar Honor Points as you no matter what level you or your opponent are. As of now the MOST points you can gain from an attack is 500 points. This limit may be increased as of my last time playing another of Gree's game, Crime City, The Honor Points went from a max of 500 to 1500 so maybe the same thing will happen to Modern War.

If you attack a player with points between 0 and 3000, it will always yield the maximum amount of points, which is 500 as of now. This can be a good way to grind out point you may need quickly but its important to note that Vengeance is how you will gain the bulk of your points. Points hover around 450ish when attack a player of similar points. This WD here when choosing a player to attack because if your points are much higher, you get less points.


When you First Strike someone and win, it will be considered a Chain of One and that player will be removed from the First Strike playlist, in which that player will be notified via the History tab and are given the option to attack you back, hence the Vengeance part of the event. Attack a player here will cost 5 Stamina.

If you first strike someone with more honor points then you do you will get more then 500 points. You will need to use the gold attack boosts and attack someone with a lot more points then you to get the 750 - Stubby1113


The money maker of the event how you'll earn the bulk of your points. The higher your chain, the more points you get. Remember when I said frenemies earlier? This is where you learn who your buddies are. As you and another player trade attacks and win the attack, the chain grows by one. Points here are pretty weak, netting you under 200 points on a player with a chain of one, which will be extremely tempting to go back to the First Strike playlist for more points but DON'T DO THAT! Grind it out here. Find a player and trade blows with them. As your chains grow, your Honor Points earned will grow, which in turns grows your Honor Weapon Quickly.

For example, a chain of 30 will get 4k points (estimating here) each time you attack the person you have that 30 chain with. The best part here is if you both are active, you can build that chain quickly in minutes. Attacking a player here will cost 5 Stamina.


This is a lesser explored part of the event but the event is still young. Here you can help defend a Faction mate from a player who killed or defeated them. This cost you 6 Stamina to do so its very costly if you choose to do this. If you beat this player, you gain some Honor Points and your Faction mate gains some of the points they lost from the attack.

Leaderboards show your current placing for Honor Points and Kills. History just shows who recently defeated you or who you defended against.


Building a Chain happens when you attack a player and win. As you win, your Chain will increase by one. The gold thing here is there isn't a limit as to how high you can get a Chain. The higher the chain, the more Honor Points you earn so make friends!

In this event, you can't lose your chain by any means. The way you lose a chain is if the player you attack grows too quickly and you cant beat them and aren't willing to spend to keep up. Usually this chain breaks around 6 or so for some players and maybe 8 for other. The chain will never go away so if you do decide to dump your stamina into that player, you can though it won't be worth it for you are them.


In Honor and Vengeance, you can earn and lose points. Yes, you can lose points and because of this, the points displayed on the attack page can be skewed since they aren't always representative of the actual attack the player has. Because of this, its a good habit to be in when attacking a player for Vengeance because they could drop points. When a player loses points, it doesn't affect the stats of the Honor Weapon so be careful! Remember it takes 5 Stamina to attack a player and you get 1 Stamina every 3 minutes so each failed attack will cost you 15 minutes of real time.

While green numbers can be used as an indicator for how powerful your opponent is, don't use it solely as a way of thinking you are stronger because you'll end up hitting someone you can't win. Know your stats while boosted and know your opponent that hit you. You have a history tag so use it as a reference. The same is true for red numbers. Use it as a reference, not the actual things. Green means you have more Honor Points than your opponent and red means you have less Honor Points than your opponent, thats it. It doesn't mean you will win that battle.


This is a PvP event and like most of them, no matter the game, prizes are on the line. You might not be player for first or any of the top spots, but it doesn't mean you cant offer competition. First thing is to ALWAYS have your attack boost active. With this, as well as any Gold usage, find your place. If you see a chain moving away quickly from you, leave that player along and move on to another chain. best way I found to do this is to attack a lot of players from First Strike within the start of the event and wait for someone to hit you back and then focus on building chains.

There are communities out there in chat groups that will help you build chains. If you are capable of doing this, use those resources. While you don't have to use them, they are and can be very helpful for getting powerful units. Remember, at the end of the event, you will get your Honor Weapon as a Unit for your army at the stats the event ended at so you want lots of Honor Points. Keep in mind that these units are VERY useful for Hardcore Boss Event for low IPH (Income per Hour) players.

Since this event uses Stamina, I, as well as other competitive players recommend you have at least 50 Stamina. This gives you plenty of attacks to use to find players of interest, as well as giving you enough time to charge up again. 50 Stamina will have a 2.5 hour recharge time, giving you time to do other things during the day. Another thing you can do is buy a Training Manual from the Store under the Special tab. This item cost 250 Gold, which is quite expensive BUT it resets all of your skill points so if you want to play this event with the most of you available to it, you can dump all those skill points into Stamina and have something like 250 Stamina or so and can lay the law down if you wanted.

As often as you can, you should check on your chains to see if your partner hit you back so you can hit them back. keep in mind that are waiting on your to hit them back because they are trying to complete goals. While you want as many chains as possible with as many players, keep your high chain players happy. This is player courtesy and while we are talking about courtesy...


Do NOT use defensive boost on this event. Don't be that guy or girl. While winning against attacks will prevent you from losing points in the short term, the long term effects can kill this event for you. The goal of this event is to BUILD chains with players, not prevent them or lose them. Remember those communities I talked about? If you get reported to other players that you use boost for defense, players will not attack you and won't want to build chain with you. Because of that, you miss out on 20k point chains because you were blacklisted by the community. Don't get blacklisted.

Remember it cost 15 minutes per attack and players will be real salty by wasting an attack on a player with a 75% or 150% defense boost. Players should spend money or gold trying to gain attack to maintain chains, not trying to get over your 150% defense boost. Its like the golden rule we have for boost building. We all came to the same respect of not dropping a players boost. Treat this the same way!


Well, we got back Equipment. Having it gives a boost to your Honor Weapons stats on the battle result screen. Most have a boost of 15.6% from it. For new accounts that don't have equipment, you can buy them from the store under the special tab though they do cost gold.

Equipment, like units work in a similar way. The more you have of them, the more your attack and defense. So if you have 10 Gun Equipment with 4 attack each, they total they are worth 40 attack. The thing that remains unknown is if those of us who had them from before are getting our 15.6% boost from all the extra we collected or if it plays purely off of whats equipped to our solider.


It has been raised that this even is unplayable for these kind of players. 5 and 6 Stamina attacks are very expensive for players and these low level or new accounts just can't keep up. One or 2 attacks and they are done and since their Stamina regen is so low, they have to keep coming back to the game. A simple fix for this is to reduce the amount of Stamina needed for First Strike to 1 or 2 Stamina per attack. At least this way players can still earn points without needing to worry about chains they can't get due to low Stamina. Reducing Stamina Refills back to 10 Gold will also be good as well.

Players going for chains have no use for this and would only be helpful for someone looking for extra points. Perhaps have something in place where the Stamina needed to attack grows as you gain Honor points for First Strike to prevent abuse, kind of how the folders grow for attacking Raid Boss in Crime City.


For me, Air Units are the only thing that make my army. This is also true for specific Unit types for other players. Rather than spending your resources getting a unit you can't use in PvP or Hardcore Boss, wait until a Unit is released that can make your army and invest in that unit. Still get the Unit if you're a low IPH player because they do help for Hardcore Boss.


In general, if you want to use gold, its always a good time to use the 100% Attack boost. This is even more true if you want to get something going early in the event. I have used the 25 Gold boost for attack a few times and its very useful. That alone can make the difference in attacking opponents. I've used the 100% Attack Boost and the 10% Attack Boost together for a total of 110% Attack Boost and IF I lost an attack, I was good to go with the boost from Reinforcements.

In my time using this boost, I almost never saw a reason to use the boost that lasted 1.5 hours for 100 gold. With how expensive it is to attack opponents and the amount of chains you have available to you, 15 minutes is all you'll ever need to get chains going because you'll be waiting for other players to respond back to you. If you needed another boost, just spend another 25 Gold and have it again. This is pretty much on a player by player bases but I haven't had a use for the 1.5 hour boost.

To make the most of your boost, wait to you have full Stamina. For me, I have 50 so I would wait for my list to have may active chains I can hit and use the gold to win them all. If you really want to get the Honor Weapon you want, using Gold early on helps you get points quickly. I find getting your Honor Weapon stats to about 450 million attack is a sweet spot for using two 10% Attack Boost, which will put you into a good stat bracket. Another thing to consider is making use of free video Gold if you're able to get them. It makes the cost of using the boost a bit cheaper.

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Nicely done.

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Thanx alot man, good to see people still interested and willing to help others

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Nice posting pidgeot. Shame I uninstalled the game seems like a interesting new feature. But don't take being a mod. Your doing a great job as it is. ;) I've noticed some mods change

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Yep, great post Pidgeot.

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Thanks for all the support guys!

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Terrific post, Pidgeot! Very much appreciated. By the way, are you aware of any similar instruction/guidance post for the new Faction HQ? We have been building items and donating them for months, but every building is still at level 1. We cannot seem to make any progress. Thanks again!

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Best thread I've seen in awhile. Way to go Pidgeot, reminds me of the olden days of Modern War, when this site was fun and informative ������

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Best thread I've seen in awhile. Way to go Pidgeot, reminds me of the olden days of Modern War, when this site was fun and informative ������

I try to be as helpful as I can.

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Great post Pidgeot. Hopefully gree will see the positive feedback and become more helpful in giving the players information on a more regular basis.

07-31-2016, 10:24 AM
Well done but there are a few errors if you want to update. On first strike if the player is under 3k in points you will get 500. And 500 points isn't the max. If you attack someone higher in points you will get more then 500. 750 is currently the max and 250 is the min

07-31-2016, 12:50 PM
Well done but there are a few errors if you want to update. On first strike if the player is under 3k in points you will get 500. And 500 points isn't the max. If you attack someone higher in points you will get more then 500. 750 is currently the max and 250 is the min

Where did you see 750 points? I've only seen 500.

07-31-2016, 04:56 PM
Where did you see 750 points? I've only seen 500.

If you first strike someone with more honor points then you do you will get more then 500 points. You will need to use the gold attack boosts and attack someone with a lot more points then you to get the 750

07-31-2016, 08:10 PM
If you first strike someone with more honor points then you do you will get more then 500 points. You will need to use the gold attack boosts and attack someone with a lot more points then you to get the 750

Oh, I see.

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Giving all props, praise, and preference to Pidgeot; some would say his "right way to play" tutorial is for those choosing to play for FREE.

That said, stubby's point is noted, for those choosing to play using cash exchanged for THEALMIGHTYGREEGOLD.