View Full Version : Upgrade to the Weapons in Store

08-06-2016, 09:06 PM
Now that u have removed those temp items....can we please have a long due upgrade to the weapons available in store that can be bought with cash or gold.....the stuff in there is literally crap and does nothing to anyone's stats anymore....

Like the 1.4m/1.5m ECRT Punisher available at only 1500g.....:confused:

08-06-2016, 10:15 PM
Yes and drunken nights of buying just ends up in refunds. I agree this overdue, but must also consider newcomers and what they can afford as well.

08-06-2016, 10:31 PM
Not even those amazing 1500 gold items affect my stats anymore.

I don't have the best IPH out there but we need some stuff to spend cash on, I'm almost done maxing out my current store buildings (which are a lot)