View Full Version : [Lockbox Leaderboard] Operation Royal Jasmine with NEW Epic Boss Damage Bonus

[PM] President Hightower
09-21-2016, 02:45 PM

Operational Dates:
2016-09-21 15:00:00PM PST - 2016-09-27 14:00:00PM PST

Mission Details: Operation Royal Jasmine
A new mission brief has arrived!

New Bonus Type Introduced
This week's lockbox leaderboard operation will feature a brand new bonus type being introduced to Modern War's live events.

Epic Boss Damage

Increases the amount of attack damage done to epic and hardcore bosses.

The new bonus will appear as a second unit reward for reaching the #1 top rank spot on the leaderboard.

Xarakada Mystic Sub
+40% Sea Attack

Colonel Jasmine
+5% Epic Boss Damage

Lockbox Leaderboard Revamp Recap
This event also includes all the following lockbox leaderboard revamps listed below since 9/15/2016.

Opening a 100% chance lockbox now costs 10 GOLD and resetting the open timer now costs 5 GOLD (before old costs were 15 GOLD for both actions).
Ranking on the leaderboard will once again reward players with the unit(s) tiered at that rank and the rewards tiered below that rank.
The Lockbox / Leaderboard event now lasts 6 days instead of 4.
The milestone collection range is now extended out to 99.
All milestone units and operation goals reward stackable bonus units (except for token 75 and 99).
The token drop rates have been improved and rescaled to avoid the feeling of hitting a drop wall throughout the new range.