View Full Version : [Lockbox Leaderboard] Operation Desert Moon with Stackable Speed Run Bonuses

[PM] President Hightower
09-27-2016, 03:36 PM

Mission Details: Operation Desert Moon
A new mission brief has arrived! This operation runs between 9/27/2016 to 10/3/2016.

Many Health Regen Time Units Available

This week's lockbox leaderboard operation will feature many chances to obtain more Health Regen Time bonus units. All of these are amongst the many other stackable bonus units made available within the milestone collection.

Unit Name

Bonus Type

Token Requirement

Fiendish Strike Sub*
-5% Health Regen Time


Bovedas Assault Medic*
-12% Health Regen Time


Lunar Acheron
-15% Health Regen Time


*The following are legacy units. Already owning these specific units will not award the extra bonus in that category.

Daily Speed Goals

Collect the required amount of tokens each day for a stackable +5% Infantry Attack bonus. Complete all 6 dailies for a +30% Infantry Attack bonus.

Lockbox Leaderboard Revamp Recap
This event also includes all the following lockbox leaderboard revamps listed below since 9/15/2016.

Opening a 100% chance lockbox now costs 10 GOLD and resetting the open timer now costs 5 GOLD (before old costs were 15 GOLD for both actions).
Ranking on the leaderboard will once again reward players with the unit(s) tiered at that rank and the rewards tiered below that rank.
The Lockbox / Leaderboard event now lasts 6 days instead of 4.
The milestone collection range is now extended out to 99.
All milestone units and operation goals reward stackable bonus units (except for token 75 and 99).
The token drop rates have been improved and rescaled to avoid the feeling of hitting a drop wall throughout the new range.